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On Septembre 25, 2014, the Boutique Coudart store started its activities on the web.

Diane Massicotte, artisan, is offering you her own creations including holdalls, aprons, bibs, embroidery and accessories such as assorted makeup pouches, card holders.

Some of these products offer the option to personalize them and this on their own product information page.  If you wish for a more advanced customization than the options offered in the boutique, please contact Diane and arrangements can then be taken.

At the moment, only residents of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario can buy online in Boutique Coudart's online store.

A shipping service is actually available for the provinces of Quebec and Ontario which will be served by Canada Post and Dicom. Shortly, the shipping services will be spread to the rest of Canada and to the United States.

Meanwhile, if you live outside the provinces actually covered by the actual shipping services and you wish to acquire a product offered in the Boutique Coudart's online store, please get in touch with Diane using the site

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where you will provide us with your coordinates so that we may reach you.  It will be our pleasure to serve you directly and to plan a personalized shipping method for you.

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